Sexy Suzuka Ishikawa’s Squirting Hard Sex

Encore Vol. 4 : Suzuka Ishikawa

Starring : Suzuka Ishikawa
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 3/30/2010
Series: Encore
Studio: Stage 2 Media

Sexy Suzuka Ishikawa’s Squirting Hard Sex
1) Restraint Play & Squirting Fuck
2) Multiple Orgasm inducing Multiple Toy Play
3) Titty Fuck & Deep Throat Blowjob
4) Hard Threesome Fuck

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Gorgeous Japanese babe, Suzuka Ishikawa delivers another great movie.  She is truly beautiful, plays the submissive well and can even get into BDSM.  Top it off, the girl can squirt.  I love her long slender legs and her ability to bend over and take a whole dick down her throat.  Suzuka is my kinda girl. :)