Red Hot Jam 231: Yuuno Hoshi, Runa Sezaki – RHJ-231 – Jonetsu Tairiku

Red Hot Jam 231: Yuuno Hoshi, Runa Sezaki – RHJ-231

 Japanese porn dvd - RHJ-231 -

Starring: Yuuno Hoshi, Runa Sezaki
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 3/21/2012

Lesbian lovers Yuuno Hoshi, Runa Sezaki - RHJH-231 -
Series: Red Hot Jam
Studio: Red Hot Collection

Japanese av idols Runa Sezaki, Yuuno Hoshi, lesbian kiss

1) Jonetsu Tairiku – Yuuno Hoshi candid interview, masturbation in a bathroom, ultimate snake tongue blowjob

2) Double Chijo – Yuuno Hoshi & Runa Sezaki eat up a cherry boy! blowjob, titty fuck, bareback, squirting and more!

Lesbian sex combined with threesome with Japanese cock master

Yuuno Hoshi, Runa Sezaki

Yuuno Hoshi and Runa Sezaki lesbian kisses, dildo play, and ashikoki before fucking dude

Uncensored JAV porn dvd - Kabukicho-Girls -

Runa Sezaki and Yuuno Hoshi are relentless in their pursuit of the perverse, the sensual and the orgasm. On RHJ-231 these AV idols open up about their sexuality in a candid interview then proceed to shoot a DVD filled with all of their secret desires. They even take a porn virgin (cherry boy) for the squirting, fucking and fetish ride of his life. There are also lesbian scenes between Yuuno and Runa and let’s say their orgasms and their desire for each other cannot be faked. This is true Japanese hardcore fetish sex at it’s best.

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