ED Specialist Nurse: Ayumi Iwasa PT-143

 Nurse cosplayer in threesome hardcore with doctor and patient

Nurse Ayumi Has the Healing Mouth and Pussy – ED Specialist Nurse: Ayumi Iwasa PT-143

Nurse Ayumi fucks her patient back to health in the office

Starring: Ayumi Iwasa
Length: 135 min
Release Date: 1/18/2014
Series: Pork Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

1) ED specialist nurse patient consultation
2) Treatment sex with patient and a doctor
3) College girl’s part time job – delivery health
4) Squirting & bareback sex service

Ayumi Iwasa gives CPR to the doctor’s cock

Ayumi Iwasa is back fulfilling more fantasies by starring as the ED specialist nurse in Studio Teriyaki’s PT-143. Watch the healing powers of Ayumi’s mouth and pussy as she fucks her patient, and the doctor, back to sexual health.

Nurse's favorite 69 sex with doctor in the office